Discover the Advantages of Eakan's RAININ Compatible Pipette Tips

Pipette tips are used in conjunction with pipettes in a variety of pipetting scenarios and are one of the most commonly used consumables in the laboratory. All Eakan tips are made of medical grade polypropylene and work well with RAININ LTS pipettes due to their similar design to the pipette tips used with RAININ LTS pipettes.

Special Polishing Technology

RAININ compatible pipette tips feature a unique polishing technology that ensures that the internal surface of the tip is smooth and flawless. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to residual liquid on the inside of the pipette tip. The smooth inner surface also helps liquids flow more smoothly and improves pipetting accuracy.

Reduced Contamination and Increased Productivity

RAININ compatible pipette tips utilize advanced thin-wall technology, resulting in a thinner pipette tip wall. This design not only reduces the weight of the pipette tips, making them lighter to handle, but also reduces the amount of material used, resulting in lower costs. More importantly, thin-wall technology effectively reduces the adhesion area of liquid on the tip wall, further minimizing the risk of contamination. It also improves the efficiency of pipetting operations due to smoother liquid flow.

Excellent Transparency

RAININ compatible pipette tips are made of a highly transparent material that makes the flow of liquids inside the pipette tip clearly visible. This excellent transparency helps lab technicians to more accurately determine the volume and flow of liquids and thus control pipetting operations more precisely. Additionally, the high transparency helps to detect and deal with possible anomalies in a timely manner, ensuring that experiments run smoothly.

Low Retention and Sterility

To meet the needs of different experiments, RAININ compatible pipette tips are available in low retention and sterile formats. The low retention pipette tips are specially designed to minimize the amount of liquid remaining in the pipette tip, reducing experimental errors. The sterile form of the tips is rigorously sterilized to ensure that no contaminants are introduced during the experiment. Both forms of tips offer more flexibility and reliability for experiments.

Pipette tips are widely used in laboratories in the fields of biology, chemistry, and medicine to transfer liquids accurately, to protect the safety of laboratory personnel, and improve the efficiency of experiments. Eakan's RAININ compatible pipette tips are made of the highest quality raw materials and have better verticality and uniformity, are more stable, and do not bend or deform after being sterilized at high temperatures. The product is more stable and does not bend or deform after autoclaving.