What Are Wide Bore Tips?

What Are Wide Bore Tips?

Wide aperture or wide bore pipette tips are intended to deliver the highest amount of sample.
  • Wide bore pipette tips, also known as wide orifice tips, are designed to provide maximum sample delivery to reduce the errors associated with incomplete sample aspiration and dispensing. They have a wider opening at the end, allowing for easy and quick loading and dispensing of larger volumes of samples.

  • These tips are particularly useful for liquid handling in molecular biology applications that require precision and accuracy, as they can accommodate a larger volume of viscous or dense samples without compromising the calibration of the pipette. This makes them ideal for applications such as DNA amplification, PCR and RT-PCR, cell culture, protein purification, and other scientific experiments that require high accuracy and reproducibility.

  • A wide bore pipette tip makes it easier for liquids to flow in and out of the tip. The wider opening can help minimize shear force, protecting delicate samples like DNA/RNA samples and cells and easing work with high-viscosity liquids like pure glycerol. Wide bore tips from Yikang Med are available with low-retention coating to cleanly and accurately pipette sticky and viscous samples.  Yikang Med wide orifice tips are available as both filtered and non-filtered.

What Are the Benefits of Using Wide Bore Tips?

There are several benefits by using wide bore pipette tips in some special bioscientific researches:

  • Improved Precision and Accuracy

    Wider bores allow for greater control and accuracy when pipetting viscous solutions, helping to avoid inaccuracies caused by tip clogging or variation in liquid viscosity.

  • Reduced Sample Loss

    With standard narrow bore tips, a significant amount of sample may remain trapped within the tip after pipetting, leading to inaccurate results. Wide bore tips can reduce this sample loss, resulting in more reliable and consistent experimental outcomes.

  • Faster Pipetting

    Wide bore tips allow for faster aspiration and dispensing of liquids, increasing the efficiency of laboratory workflows.

  • Greater Compatibility with Specific Applications

    Some applications, such as PCR or qPCR, require specialized or larger volume pipetting. Using wide bore tips ensures adequate sample transfer and pipetting performance for these applications.

    Overall, wide bore pipette tips offer numerous benefits that can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of laboratory experiments. By selecting the right pipette tips, scientists can optimize their workflows and achieve more precise and consistent results.

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