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What Are Robotic Tips for Beckman Liquid Handling Systems? What Are Robotic Tips for Beckman Liquid Handling Systems?

Robotic pipette tips are specialized disposable tips used with liquid handling systems to accurately dispense specific volumes of liquids. Yikang Med offers a range of automation tips for Beckman, designed specifically to work seamlessly with Beckman automated liquid handling systems. 

These tips come in different sizes and shapes, tailored to suit different usage and application requirements.

Robotic pipette tips for Beckman liquid handling systems are an essential part of any automated laboratory workflow, ensuring precision and consistency in sample handling.

Robotic Tips for Beckman FAQs

  • How are robotic tips for Beckman different from regular pipette tips?

    Robotic tips for Beckman are specially designed to work seamlessly with Beckman liquid handling systems, offering several advantages over regular pipette tips.

    The first benefit of robotic tips for Beckman is precision. These tips provide consistent and accurate results, even with small volumes, as they are manufactured with a higher degree of accuracy than regular pipette tips.

    Another advantage of Beckman robotic tips is the ability to handle high-throughput applications. These tips can be used with robotic systems that can pipette hundreds or thousands of samples per day, which can save scientists valuable time in the lab.

    Furthermore, the design of robotic tips for Beckman ensures a tight seal with the instrument, minimizing the risk of sample loss or contamination. The tips are also made with high-quality materials that are free of contaminants or additives that could impact the assay results.

    In addition, Beckman robotic tips are available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Can I have low retention robotic tips for Beckman?

    Yes ofcourse. Yikang Med supply high quality low retention tips with wide range of tip styles.

    Use low retention tips for Beckman liquid handling system can save cost when you pipette some expensive liquid, and can also improve the accuracy in scientific research.

Robotic Tips for Beckman FAQs

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