Types of PCR Sealing Film

  • Used for biological sample analysis, QPCR fluorescence quantitative testing, general PCR and sample storage, all types of 96 and 384 well plates
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  • Non puncture, operating temperature range from -80 ℃ to 100 ℃, suitable for real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR and other fluorescence based applications
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  • Heat-sensitive Aluminum sealing film provides a very sturdy seal that can be peeled off; Used for long-term storage or transportation, as well as low-temperature storage; Suitable for sealing PP material well plates and PCR plates.
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PCR Sealing Film Gallery

  • heat sensitive aluminum sealing film
  • pressure sensitive sealing film
  • adhesive sealing film

How Do You Seal PCR Plates? How Do You Seal PCR Plates?

PCR plates are commonly used in molecular biology to amplify DNA sequences. The sealing of PCR plates is crucial to prevent evaporation or contamination during the PCR process. Here are some methods for sealing PCR plates.

1. Adhesive seals: Adhesive seals are pre-cut adhesive films that are designed to cover the wells of the PCR plate. They are easy to apply and remove and provide a tight seal to prevent contamination. Adhesive seals are available in different materials including polypropylene, polyester, and aluminum.

2. Heat seals: Heat seals are applied by using an automated heat-sealing machine. The machine heats up the plastic film to create a strong seal over the PCR plate wells. Heat seals are more secure than adhesive seals because they can withstand higher temperatures.

3. Cap strips: Cap strips are used to cover the wells of the PCR plate. They are made of polypropylene and have 8 or 12 caps that are snapped onto the PCR plate. Cap strips provide a secure seal and are easy to remove.

4. Sealing mats: Sealing mats are designed for use with 96 well plates and PCR plates. They are pressed onto the plate to provide a tight seal and prevent contamination. Sealing mats can be reused after sterilized.

In conclusion, there are different methods available depending on the type of PCR plate used. Adhesive seals, heat seals, cap strips, and sealing mats are all effective ways to seal PCR plates. By choosing the right sealing method, researchers can ensure the accuracy and reliability of their PCR results.

PCR Sealing Film FAQs

  • Can PCR sealing films be used with thermal cyclers?

    Yes, PCR sealing films can be used with thermal cyclers. In fact, they are specifically designed for this purpose. PCR sealing films are specialized materials that are placed over PCR plates to create a tight seal that prevents contamination during cycling.

    Thermal cyclers are used extensively in molecular biology to amplify DNA, and PCR sealing films are an important accessory for this process. They come in various styles and configurations, including adhesive films, heat-activated films, and pierceable films.

    Using PCR sealing films with thermal cyclers is a simple and effective way to ensure accurate and reproducible results. They are easy to apply, and they create a tight seal that prevents evaporation and contamination.

    In summary, PCR sealing films are a valuable tool for anyone working with thermal cyclers in molecular biology. They help to maintain the integrity of PCR reactions, improve accuracy and reproducibility, and ultimately enable researchers to achieve their scientific goals.

  • Can PCR sealing films be easily removed?

    PCR sealing films are a common tool used in research and diagnostic laboratories to securely cover and seal PCR plates and tubes during thermal cycling. With the widespread use of PCR sealing films, one of the common questions that arise is whether they can be easily removed or not.

    The good news is that PCR sealing films can be easily removed without causing any damage to the PCR plate or tube. The films are designed to stick firmly to the plate or tube, but still allow easy removal without leaving any residue.

PCR Sealing Film FAQs

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