Types of Robotic Tips for Agilent

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What's Special About Robotic Tips for Agilent What's Special About Robotic Tips for Agilent

Robotic tips for Agilent are specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern laboratory technology, providing researchers with a sophisticated, yet user-friendly solution for automated liquid handling. 

There are two different volumes which are available for 96 or 384 tips rack forms, can work for high throughput pipetting.

What’s more, there are wide bore 250ul tips for Agilent with larger orifice, which is suitable for precise pipetting of viscose liquids, liquid containing cells and liquids containing clots.

Robotic Tips for Agilent FAQs

  • Can I get filter tips for Agilent from your factory?

    Yes. We have both non-filter and filter tips for Agilent for your option.

  • Which workstation are the robotic tips compatible with?

    Robotic Tips for Agilent from Yikang are compatible with Agilent Bravo/Vprep automated liquid handling workstation.

Robotic Tips for Agilent FAQs

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