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What are Elisa Plate?

What are Elisa Plate?

  • Elisa plates, or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay plates, are specialized tools extensively used in biomedical research and diagnostics. These plates serve as a platform to detect and quantify biological substances like proteins, antibodies, hormones, and antigens in samples. The process involves coating the wells with specific capture antibodies that bind to the target molecules. Subsequent steps introduce detection antibodies and enzymes, producing a measurable signal when the target is present. Elisa plates are fundamental in diagnosing diseases, monitoring biomarkers, and assessing drug efficacy due to their sensitivity, precision, and ability to handle numerous samples simultaneously. They've revolutionized medical diagnostics, aiding in identifying conditions such as HIV, COVID-19, and various autoimmune disorders, while also being pivotal in diverse scientific studies and pharmaceutical research.

How does an Elisa plate work?

An Elisa plate operates on the principle of specific antibody-antigen interactions to detect and quantify substances like proteins, antibodies, hormones, or antigens in biological samples.


Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Coating

    The plate wells are coated with a capture antibody specific to the target molecule of interest.

  • Binding

    The sample containing the target molecule is added to the wells. If the target is present, it binds to the capture antibody, adhering to the plate.

  • Washing

    Unbound substances are washed away, leaving only the bound target molecules.

  • Detection

    A detection antibody, also specific to the target, is added. This antibody is linked to an enzyme.

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