Types of Robotic Tips for Xantus

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How to Use Robotic Tips for Xantus? How to Use Robotic Tips for Xantus?

  • Check the pipette tips: Before using the robotic pipette tips, check the tips for any damage or contamination that could affect the accuracy of your measurements. Also, make sure that the tips are compatible with the Xantus system and have the correct volume capacity.

  • Load the tips: Once you have verified the condition of the pipette tips, it's time to load them into the Xantus system. 

  • Calibrate the pipettes:  Calibrate the pipettes to ensure accurate volume measurements before you can start dispensing liquids. Consult the Xantus system user manual for instructions on how to calibrate the pipettes.

  • Dispense the liquid: Once the pipette tips are loaded and calibrated, you can start dispensing the liquid. Use the Xantus software to specify the volume of liquid you want to dispense and the number of times you want to repeat the dispensing. 

  • Replace the tips: After using the robotic pipette tips, it's important to dispose of them properly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for removing and disposing of the used tips. Then, load new tips and repeat the process as needed.

Robotic Tips for Xantus FAQs

  • Which applications could the robotic tips for Xantus used for?

    Robotic tips for Xantus can use for the following application field: Immunohematology drug development、Screening and synthesis ELISA 、Combinatorial chemistry、High-volume pipetting High-throughput research in the automation industry 、 Automatic milk testing 、Soil analysis.

  • How is the packaging for Robotic Tips for Xantus?

    It's packed with blister package with a stand support in it. If you need it in any other package, we also have rack package for your option.

Robotic Tips for Xantus FAQs

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