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What Are Robotic Tips for Hamilton Liquid Handling Systems? What Are Robotic Tips for Hamilton Liquid Handling Systems?

Hamilton liquid handling systems are state-of-the-art instruments that have revolutionized laboratory automation. To maximize their potential, robotic tips can be employed to enhance their precision, accuracy, and throughput. These robotic tips are designed to reduce human error and promote reproducibility, ensuring that the results of experiments are reliable. Moreover, robotic tips allow for easy sample transfer between different instruments, saving time and resources. With Hamilton liquid handling systems and robotic tips, researchers can execute complex protocols with ease, maximizing efficiency and accelerating discoveries. Overall, robotic tips are an excellent addition to the Hamilton liquid handling systems, making automation even easier and more reliable.

Hamilton Core Tips FAQs

  • What are the available tip volumes for Hamilton workstation?

    Yikang Hamilton-style automation tips are in different volumes for your variety applications. Such as 50ul, 300ul and 1000ul.

  • What are Hamilton-style pipette tips use for?

    Hamilton-style pipette tips are commonly used in scientific laboratories for precise and accurate liquid dispensing. These tips are designed to fit onto Hamilton workstation, which are widely regarded as one of the most accurate types of liquid handling systems available today.

    Yikang Med Hamilton-style pipette tips are typically made from high-quality polypropylene, which ensures that they are able to withstand a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of laboratory applications, including research, clinical trials, and quality control.

Hamilton Core Tips FAQs

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