Types Of Laboratory Consumables

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All products of Yikang Med are manufactured applying to CE and ISO 13485:2016 . Our products are also FDA registered. We always take the quality as the first priority for our products. To ensure the high-quality, we have implemented strict in-process and outgoing quality control system from the beginning to end.

Laboratory Consumables Features

  • Quality and Purity

    Quality and Purity

    Laboratory consumables must be manufactured to high-quality standards to minimize contamination and ensure accurate results.

  • Material Compatibility

    Material Compatibility

    Consumables should be made from materials that are compatible with the specific chemicals, reagents, and samples being used in the experiment.

  • Durability


    Durability is essential. They should be able to withstand repeated use and cleaning processes without degradation.

  • Scalability


    Consumables should be available in various sizes and quantities to accommodate different experimental scales and budgets.

Laboratory Consumables Features

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