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Yikang-Med: Your reliable laboratory consumables supplier

Yikang-Med: Your reliable laboratory consumables supplier

Zhejiang Yikang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical & biological lab consumables that mainly produces injection molded parts such as pipette tips, PCR tubes & plates, deep well plates, and culture dishes etc. We are also specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of high-precision molds and injection molded parts.

We have excellent R&D team in the digital injection molding industry, which is the earliest one team with experience of automation pipette tips in China. The team has many years of experience in R&D management and production for lab consumables, as well as other plastic injection parts.

Yikang Medical Values

  • Constantly strive for perfection

  • Integrity, customer first

  • Humanized management

Yikang Medical Values

Why Chose Yikang Medical

  • Professional & Experienced

With over ten years of management experience in Fortune 500 foreign companies and manufacture experience of medical field;

With progressive technology of mold design and manufacturing;

With experience in the development, manufacturing, and production of medical biological consumables molds and products;

We know not only in manufacture, but also mold process and R&D as well.

  • Yikang's products are well quality controlled

We have full experience in standardized and systematic management, know about the importance of quality control in long-term business relationship. Quality management is the first principle of our company's development.

  • Yikang can provide professional customized services

We have rich experience in product OEM design, such as OEM robotic tips not only for medical injection parts, but also automotive components, smart band & watch, New energy battery stamping and so on.

Why Chose Yikang Medical

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