Types of 384 Well Microplate

  • The 384 square well microplate is a wonderful tool that has been designed to help scientists and researchers conduct various biological assays in a more efficient manner. With its compact size, this m...
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384 Well Microplate Gallery

  • 240ul 384 square well microplate
  • 120ul 384 square well microplate

What Are 384 Well Plates? What Are 384 Well Plates?

A 384 well microplate is a type of laboratory device used for scientific research and testing. It consists of 384 small wells or indentations, arranged in a grid pattern, each capable of holding a small volume of liquid, typically ranging from a few microliters to a few hundred microliters. These wells are typically used to grow and culture cells, microorganisms, or other biological materials for analysis, observation, or experimentation.

384 well microplates offer a high-density format for biological assays, enabling researchers to run multiple experiments simultaneously in a single plate. This makes it a valuable tool for high-throughput screening of drug candidates, toxicity testing, and other types of research where a large number of replicates or samples need to be processed.

Furthermore, 384 well microplates are compatible with a wide range of automated systems, including liquid handling systems, plate readers, and imaging systems. This means that experiments can be conducted quickly and accurately, helping to generate high-quality data and results.

Overall, the versatility and efficiency of 384 well microplates make them an essential tool for biotechnology and medical research. With their capability to accelerate biological research and testing, it is no wonder why they are popular among scientists and researchers worldwide.

384 Well Microplate FAQs

  • What is the volume of a 384 well microplate?

    You can get 120ul and 240ul for 384 well microplates in Yikang Med company. Ultra low retention is available depending on your request.

  • What are the applications of 384 Well Microplate?

    The 384 well culture plate is a versatile tool used in many different applications in the field of biological research and development. These plates are specifically designed to provide a higher density of wells, which allows for an increased number of samples to be examined at the same time. Here are some of the most common applications of the 384 well culture plate:

    1. High-Throughput Screening (HTS): The 384 well culture plate is commonly used in HTS experiments where large numbers of compounds are screened for their biological activities. The ability to run multiple samples at once can help to speed up the screening process, making the plate a valuable tool for drug discovery.

    2. Cell-based Assays: The 384 well culture plate is ideal for in vitro experiments that require a high number of cells, such as cell-based assays. The high-density format of the plate ensures that cells are grown in a uniform manner, making it easier to analyze and compare results.

    3. Protein Crystallization: The 384 well culture plate is also used in protein crystallography experiments. The small wells provide a controlled environment for the crystallization process and can help to optimize the crystallization conditions, improving the chances of obtaining high-quality crystals.

    4. Antibody Production: The 384 well culture plate is an important tool in antibody production, with each well allowing for the growth of a single cell. The plate can be used to screen multiple clones for antibody production, which can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with this process.

    5. Gene Editing: The 384 well culture plate can be used to perform gene editing experiments, such as CRISPR/Cas9 assays. The small wells allow for precise control over sample positioning and enable the simultaneous editing of multiple genes.

    In summary, 384 well culture plates can be used in a variety of applications, including high-throughput screening, cell-based assays, protein crystallization, antibody production, and gene editing. The versatility of the plate makes it a valuable tool for researchers and scientists working in a variety of fields.

384 Well Microplate FAQs

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