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What Are Zymark Automation Tips? What Are Zymark Automation Tips?

Zymark automation pipette tips are high-quality pipette tips designed for use with Zymark automation equipment in laboratories and research settings. These tips are manufactured with strict quality control standards to provide reliable and precise results, ensuring that researchers can perform their experiments with confidence.

Zymark automation pipette tip is compatible with a wide range of laboratory automation equipment. They are designed to fit seamlessly with a variety of pipetting systems, enabling researchers to work more efficiently and effectively. The tips are also available in a variety of sizes and volumes, ensuring that researchers can find the right tip for their specific needs.

Robotic Tips for Zymark FAQs

  • Zymark Automation Tips Using Steps

    Zymark Automation pipette tips are a reliable and efficient way to automate pipetting processes in the laboratory. Here are some steps to ensure proper use:

    1. Select the appropriate tip size for your instrument. Zymark Automation pipette tips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different pipette volumes.

    2. Attach the tip securely to the instrument pipette. Make sure the tip snaps into place and is not loose or wobbly.

    3. Load the pipette with the appropriate volume of liquid. Be sure to follow the pipette manufacturer's instructions for proper calibration and volume settings.

    4. Place the pipette tip onto the sample. Make sure the tip touches the liquid and is fully immersed.

    5. Aspirate the desired volume of liquid by depressing the plunger on the pipette. Be sure to release slowly to avoid creating air bubbles.

    6. Move the pipette to the destination vessel and dispense the liquid by depressing the plunger again. Be sure to release slowly and completely to avoid excess liquid dripping.

    7. Dispose of the pipette tip by ejecting it into a designated waste container, according to laboratory procedure.

    Zymark Automation pipette tips are designed for accuracy and precision, automated pipetting speeds, and reduced tip attachment forces. They can be used reliably in a variety of laboratory applications, including liquid handling, cell culture, and clinical diagnostics.

    By following these simple steps, laboratory technicians can ensure the proper use of Zymark Automation pipette tips and improve the efficiency of their pipetting processes.

  • Which volume can I get for the tips for Zymark?

    We have robotic tips of 50ul and 200ul for your option. Filter and non-filter are both available. There are also low retention version for your choice.

Robotic Tips for Zymark FAQs

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