How To Choose The Right Centrifuge Tubes?

There are various sizes from 0.2ml to 2400ml with different materials for centrifuge tubes:

When selecting polypropylene centrifuge tubes, the following performance factors should be considered:

1) Capacity determined by sample volume, must be filled in some applications such as high speed centrifugation.

2) Shape, conical bottom tubes are better for collecting precipitates, while round bottom tubes are more useful for density gradient centrifugation.

3) Large relative centrifugal force details provided by the manufacturer.

4) Corrosion resistance, glass tubes are inert while polycarbonate tubes are sensitive to organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone, and polypropylene has better corrosion resistance. Details can be found in the manufacturer's instructions.

5) Sterilization, disposable plastic centrifuge tubes are usually sterilized at the factory, while glass and polypropylene tubes can be reused after multiple sterilizations. High-pressure sterilization may cause polycarbonate tubes to crack or deform.