Automation Pipette Tips For Hamilton Workstation

Liquid handling plays a crucial role in life science laboratories. The sample volumes are usually small, at the micro- or nanoliter level, and the number of transferred samples can be huge. In this case, liquid handling by hand is tedious, time-consuming, and impractical. Consequently, there is a strong demand for automated liquid handling robots.

About Hamilton

For decades, Hamilton has defined the standard for high-precision liquid handling. This has been accomplished by a unique innovation culture coupled with first-class service and support.

Tip Of The Day

Pipette tips are an essential part of any laboratory research and development workflow. A well designed tip will help ensure accurate and precise results and will add years of performance to your system.

The right tip can make or break your experiment. Choosing the correct tip can be a daunting task but it is not impossible. Luckily, there are many options available.

Hamilton Automation Tips from Yikang-med.

1. Yikang Hamilton robotic tips are made of clear or conductive medical grade polypropylene from globally well-kone manufacturer. The tips are manufactured by Suitomo/DEMAG high-speed electric injection mold machine with highly precise mold on class 100000 clean workshop.

2. We use unique polishing technology ensures smooth inner surface of the tip for precise pipetting with low residual.

3. Our fully automated manufacturing processes integrated with raw material-feeding, injection-molding, filter-installing, and rack-loading for less contamination and high productivity.

4. We have stringent in-process QA and QQC to ensure the high quality of all tips.

5. There are in-house functional test for complete compatibility wuth Hamilton Microlab STAR/NIMBUS/Prep/VANTAGE automated liquid handler.

6. Our Hamilton Tips can be resteriled which are certified DNase- RNase-, APT- and Pyrogen-free.

7. There are clear or conductive version to meet different demands of assays with filter, sterile, and low-retention form.

8. There are wide bore version for 300ul and 1000ul Hamilton tips with larger orifice, which is suitable for precise pipetting of viscose liquids, liquids containing cells, and liquids containing clots.

9. Blister-5 package is also available for saving space and protecting environment.