What customized services can we provide for 48 well microplate? ​

For this 48-well microplate, we can provide the following common customization services:

1. Material selection

Different materials: In addition to the common polypropylene (PP), other materials such as polystyrene (PS) or polycarbonate (PC) can also be selected to meet specific chemical resistance or mechanical strength requirements.

Sterile processing: Provide sterile or non-sterile options, choose according to experimental needs.

2. Orifice plate design

Hole depth and hole volume: Customize the depth and volume of the hole according to experimental needs.

Hole Shape: Different hole shapes are available, such as round, square or tapered, to suit different experimental applications.

3. Surface treatment

Hydrophilic or hydrophobic treatment: Carry out surface hydrophilic or hydrophobic treatment according to experimental needs.

Low or high binding surfaces: Provide low or high protein binding surface treatments to suit different biomolecule experiments.

4. Colors and markings

Color selection: Provide PCR plates in different colors to easily distinguish between different experiments or samples.

Marking and Numbering: Customize markings, numbers or barcodes on plates for easy sample management and tracking.

5. Sealing options

Sealing film: Provide different types of sealing films, such as transparent film, aluminum foil film or breathable film, to adapt to different experimental needs.

Sealing method: Provide heat sealing, pressure sealing or adhesive sealing options.

6. Packaging and labeling

Customized packaging: such as individual packaging, batch packaging or sterile packaging.

Label customization: Customize labels on packaging, including customer identification, batch number, production date and other information.